Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Undergraduate Creative Writing and Performing Arts Scholarship Contest!

In the category of Poetry:

Joelle Hamilton, 1st prize
Davis Webster, 2nd prize
Caleb McFadden, 3rd prize
Rich Sanchez, Honorable Mention
David Grivette, Honorable Mention
Kelsey Easton, Honorable Mention

In the category of Fiction:

Alyssa Meier, 1st prize for her story “Blood Thicker than Water”
Lindsey Whittington, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for her story “A World of Turnips”
Scott E. Miller, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for his story “The Least We Can Do for Each Other Is Nothing”
Gabriel Martinez, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for his story “Rescued”

In the category of Creative Nonfiction:

Davis Webster, 1st prize for his essay “A Playlist for Steven’s Wake (Annotated)”
Noah Kaplan, 2nd prize for his essay “Ramah”
Courtney Ellison, 3rd prize (tie) for her essay “Luke 8:17”
Geneva McCarthy, 3rd prize (tie) for her essay “BBQ Ribs”


Congratulations to those who participated and won prizes in the Graduate Student Showcase!

Participants/Project Title:

Alhassane Ali Drouhamane: “Going Beyond Concordance Lines in ESP Instruction Using Corpora Exploration.”
Paul Binkley: “Science Fiction and the STEM Fields.”
Cedar Brant: “A Life Chart: Border Inventories.”
Lindsay Brookshier: “Medieval Women Writers: Unknown Authorship as Female.”
Leslie Davis: “Corpora and Semantic Change of French Loanwords in English.”
Darcy Gabriel: “Multimodal Literacy for Multiple Literacies: Monsignor Oscar Romero’s Successful Rhetoric.”
Kathleen Hamel: “Students Strategies for Dealing with Misunderstandings in the Classroom.”
Kelsey Hatley: “The Reading and Writing Transition from High School to College.”
Melissa Hohl: “The Other in Mother: A Poetics of Excavation.”
Abby Kerstetter: “The Part of the Blood that Troubles.”
Samantha Killmeyer: “Growing out of the Rust Belt.”
Kaitlyn Mainhart: “Fostering International Mindedness and Education in the International Baccalaureate Program.”
John McDonough: ” Good Friday: The Outsider in a Contemporary Urban Landscape.”
Kristen Mullen: “Intertextuality and Modern Chinese Science Fiction.”
Kathleen Naughton: “Poetry by Katie Naughton.”
Courtney Pollard: “Playing with Pastoral: Socio-Economic and Geographic Relations in Herrick’s Hesperides.”
Sarahbeth Stoneburner: “Confessions of a Jew-ish Skeptic.”
John Whalen: “Which Reporting Verbs Characterize Successful Academic Writing? A Teacher’s Tool.”
Michelle Wilk: “They Talk to Others About Us: APA Discourse and Agency.”
Meaghan Wilson: “Mere Imagination: Mind and Material.”


Melissa Hohl, MFA: College of Liberal Arts Award
Abby Kerstetter, MFA: Distinction in Creativity Award
John Whalen, TEFL/TESL: Great Minds in Research