11 English graduate students earned distinction on their Final Project, Portfolio or Thesis. From left to right: Alhassane Ali Drouhamane, Anique Renee Sottile, Kathleen M. Hamel, Brian L. Doebbeling, Krista Boddy, Meagan K. Wilson, Joni Kay Hayward, Paul Binkley.

On Monday, April 25, the English department held its 25th annual awards reception. Faculty, staff, family, and friends gathered to celebrate undergraduate and graduate recipients of scholarships, fellowships, and awards. Read more about it on the blog, http://english.colostate.edu/2016/04/25th-annual-english-department-awards-reception/


On Monday, April 25, the English department held its 25th annual awards reception. Faculty, staff, family, and friends gathered to celebrate undergraduate and graduate recipients of scholarships, fellowships, and awards. The event began with snacks and socializing.






Department Chair Louann Reid started the ceremony with some opening remarks. She shared that English undergraduates and graduates hold a total of 156 University and departmental scholarships and 7 literary awards for the 2016-2017 academic year. She also thanked the scholarship committee: Tony Becker, Beth Hasbrouck, SueEllen Campbell and Paul Trembath, as well as Sheila Dargon, who provided substantial support to that committee. Then Ellen Brinks took the podium to start presenting awards.

To start, 11 English graduate students earned distinction on their Final Project, Portfolio or Thesis.

From left to right: Alhassane Ali Drouhamane, Anique Renee Sottile, Kathleen M. Hamel, Brian L. Doebbeling, Krista Boddy, Meagan K. Wilson, Joni Kay Hayward, Paul Binkley.

For Distinction in English Education on the Final Project:
Paul Binkley
Ian James McCreary

For Distinction in Literature on Project:
Joni Kay Hayward
Courtney Pollard
Meagan K. Wilson

For Distinction on Thesis- Creative Nonfiction:
Natalya Stanko

For Distinction in TESL/TEFL on Portfolio:
Krista Boddy
Brian L. Doebbeling
Kathleen M. Hamel
Anique Renee Sottile

For Distinction in TESL/TEFL on Thesis:
Alhassane Ali Drouhamane


The next scholarship awarded was new this year, the Zambia Community Education and Health Scholarship. This scholarship helps lessen the financial burden for a CSU English student accepted into the Zambia Education Abroad Program. Students in this service-learning program spend part of their summer in Livingstone, Zambia focus on Community Education and Public Health projects; they teach subjects like English, Math and Science or work supporting public health project in clinics & neighborhoods in the surrounding communities. This award is given to a full or part-time, sophomore, junior or senior undergraduate in the College of Liberal Arts majoring in English accepted into the Zambia Education Abroad Program with an overall 2.5 GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their major.

Antero Garcia presented the Zambia Community Education and Health Scholarship to Madeline Kasic.

Antero and Madeline
Antero and Madeline

Dan Beachy-Quick presented the next several awards. He started by sharing the good news that English has two winners and one honorable mention across all three genres in the 2016 Intro Journals Project. We’re the only school in the nation to manage such a distinction, and have been granted, in the past 3 years, 5 such selections (which may well be unique as well). The Intro Journals Project is a literary competition for the discovery and publication of the best new works by students currently enrolled in AWP member programs.

Poetry: Cedar Brant won for her poem, “Make Blood.”
Fiction:  Nathaniel Barron won for the first chapter from his novel-in-progress, From the Watchtower.
Creative Nonfiction: Emily Ziffer received an honorable mention for her nonfiction essay, “Moving Forward, In Russian.”


Next were certificates for Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society members. Members must be English majors with an overall GPA of 3.0 as well as a 3.0 in English courses. They must have completed at least 3 semesters of college coursework and at least 2 – 300 level English courses. Membership includes access to numerous scholarships, fellowships, publications, and job opportunities, in addition to university involvement. Recipients were Kelsey Easton, Patrick Eyre, Kelsey Shroyer, Krystal Tubbs, Davis Webster, Geneva McCarthy, David Grivette, and Kaylee Wieczorek.

From left to right: Krystal Tubbs, Geneva McCarthy, Davis Webster, David Grivette, and Dan Beachy-Quick.

Next Dan presented Undergraduate Awards for the Creative & Performing Arts Scholarship Awards in Creative Writing.

From left to right: Dan Beachy-Quick, Joelle Hamilton, Geneva McCarthy, Courtney Ellison, Noah Kaplan, David Grivette, Davis Webster, Gabriel Martinez, Scott E. Miller, Lindsey Whittington, Alyssa Meier.

FICTIONAlyssa Meier, 1st prize for her story “Blood Thicker than Water”
Lindsey Whittington, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for her story “A World of Turnips”
Scott E. Miller, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for his story “The Least We Can Do for Each Other Is Nothing”
Gabriel Martinez, 2nd prize (3-way tie) for his story “Rescued”

CREATIVE NONFICTIONDavis Webster, 1st prize for his essay “A Playlist for Steven’s Wake (Annotated)”
Noah Kaplan, 2nd prize for his essay “Ramah”
Courtney Ellison, 3rd prize (tie) for her essay “Luke 8:17”
Geneva McCarthy, 3rd prize (tie) for her essay “BBQ Ribs”

POETRYJoelle Hamilton, 1st prize: “Trail Poems”
Davis Webster, 2nd prize: “Simulacra and Simulation,” “Notre Dame,” “The Bluebird Theater on Colfax Ave.,” and “Oneiric”
Caleb McFadden, 3rd prize: “To Hers, a He, and Me,” “Do Not Cross This Line,” “Wildfriend,” and “Whatever Happens in the Clouds”
Rich Sanchez, Honorable Mention: “The Last Seconds Before,” “Day Poem 1,” and “Night Poem 1”
David Grivette, Honorable Mention: “As I,” “To Ophelia,” “Mirrors,” “Sudden Strangers,” and “Consideration on Nature’s Third Act”
Kelsey Easton, Honorable Mention: “Storm, Come Wash Away My Aches,” “From the Morning,” “As Cool Night Is Beautiful,” and “Sponges”


Dan Beachy-Quick then presented the Academy of American Poets Prize to Denise Jarrott.

Dan and Denise


Dan announced the next section of the program in which we recognized 18 students winning department awards in 13 categories for the 2016-2017 academic year. He began with the first award by announcing the recipients of the Tremblay-Crow Creative Writing Fellowships, which alternate between MFA students in fiction and poetry.

The fiction recipient for Fall 2015 is Emily A. Harnden.
The poetry recipient for Fall 2016 is Kristin Macintyre and she will receive her award in Spring 2017. 

And finally, Dan announced the John Clark Pratt Award, which goes to a graduating MFA student for citizenship – the top MFAer of the year in terms of both writing and service to the Creative Writing community. The recipient this year is Abby Kerstetter.

Louann Reid then introduced the The Ann Osborn Zimdahl Memorial Scholarship, awarded in memory of Ann Osborn Zimdahl, a 1981 graduate of the CSU M.A. TESL/TEFL program.  Ann taught in the Intensive English Program and contributed to the international community of the University and Fort Collins.  Her career also extended overseas where she held several different teaching appointments.  Ann was strongly committed to cross-cultural understanding and enthusiastically shared her love of new cultures with her students both here and abroad. There are two recipients.

Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker introduced the first recipient, Kiley K. Miller.

Tatiana and Kiley.
Tatiana and Kiley

Camille Dungy introduced the second recipient, Samantha Killmeyer.

Camille and Samantha

Hanna Cahow received the Zimdahl scholarship given to an outstanding graduate student in any program in English but was unable to be here last year, so Pam Coke introduced her.

Pam and Hanna.
Pam and Hanna

The Karyn L. Evans Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students in memory of Karyn L. Evans and created through a gift from her estate. Three of the four recipients are here today. Daniel DeHerrera was unable to attend. Pam Coke introduced the first recipient, Miriam Miranda Gueck.

Pam and Miriam.
Pam and Miriam

Deb Dimon introduced the second recipient, Scott E. Miller.

Deb and Scott.
Deb and Scott

Nancy Henke introduced the third recipient, Ashle’ Shante’ Tate.

Nancy and Ashle’.
Nancy and Ashle’

The Community Engagement Scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in English with a demonstrated interest in Community Service Activities. It was established by Pattie Cowell, former chair of the English department and of the Women’s Studies Interdisciplinary Program, and her partner Sheryl Pomering, whose career included education and counseling for children and women in Fort Collins and Larimer County. There are two recipients of this scholarship. Jarion Hamm, an incoming student, will receive his award at next spring’s reception, and Sarah Sloane presented the award to the other recipient, Morgan Riedl. 

Sarah and Morgan
Sarah and Morgan

The Cross-Cultural Understanding Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated a commitment to international/cross-cultural issues and education. This year’s recipient is Joel Grove. He was unable to attend.

The Donna Weyrick Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Donna Weyrick, a 1962 graduate of the Department of English.  These endowed scholarships for undergraduates are made possible by contributions from the Weyrick family and friends. There are two recipients. Sharon Grindle introduced the first, Anna LaForge.

Sharon and Anna
Sharon and Anna

SueEllen Campbell introduced the second recipient of this scholarship, Laurel Bergsten.

SueEllen and Laurel
SueEllen and Laurel

We have another new scholarship this year: The Diane Keating Woodcox and Larry G. Woodcox Scholarship. Endowed by an alumna of the English department, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time junior or senior undergraduate major with an overall minimum 2.5 GPA. The student must have held gainful employment or have participated in a paid or unpaid internship an exhibit exceptional focus and determination as a student. Preference is given to a graduate of a Colorado high school. Tim Amidon introduced the recipient, Mackenzie Owens.

Tim and Mackenzie
Tim and Mackenzie

The TESL/TEFL Scholarship is funded by the INTO CSU English Language Program. It is awarded to an outstanding student in the TESL/TEFL graduate program. Tony Becker introduced this year’s recipient, Adele Vestal Lonas.

Tony and Adele
Tony and Adele

The James J. Garvey Graduate English Language Scholarship, given in memory of Professor James Garvey, is presented annually to a graduate student who is enrolled in the second semester or beyond of the TESL/TEFL graduate program or is a student in the Rhetoric and Composition or English Education graduate programs, and who has shown a strong interest in advanced language study. Recipients of this award may be first-generation students. Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker introduced the recipients, Azahara África García Fariña and Anabela Vanesa Valerioti.

Tatiana and África
Tatiana and África


Tatiana and Anabela
Tatiana and Anabela

The James J. Garvey Undergraduate English Language Scholarship, also given in memory of Professor James Garvey, is presented annually to an undergraduate student who has a documented interest and coursework in the study of the English language. Recipients of this award also demonstrate a commitment to diversity in education, and may be first-generation students. William Marvin introduced this year’s recipient, Madison Van Doren.

William and Madison
William and Madison

The Judith A. Dean Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Judith A. Dean, a graduate in the master’s program in the Department of English, and prominent professional in the English teaching field and the organizations that support it. Judith Dean earned an MAT at Colorado State in 1978 and taught at high schools in Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico. She served two terms as President of the Colorado Language Arts Society, and several years on the Society’s executive committee—strong measures of her prominence in public education in Colorado. Zach Hutchins presented the award to this year’s recipient, Kaari von Bernuth.

Zach and Kaari
Zach and Kaari

The Smith-Schamberger Literature Fellowship is given to a new or returning full or part-time graduate student in the MA literature program. The recipient is incoming student Ivana Loskanich, who will receive her award next year.

The last set of awards were for outstanding writing in two categories at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The Outstanding Writing Award in Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy recognizes outstanding writing and research in composition, rhetoric, and/or literacy studies. This award is intended to recognize innovative ideas, critical thinking, and stellar communication in the broad area of writing studies. Multimodal and print submissions are welcomed. Awards of $100 for first place and $50 for second place are given at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Doug Cloud presented the awards.

1st Place: Undergraduate: Lilly Halboth
Project Title: Your Genre Toolbox: A Comprehensive Analysis of Residence Hall Posters

Doug and Lilly
Doug and Lilly

1st Place: Graduate: Laura Price Hall
Project Title: Maps as Story: Digital, Participatory Map-Making with StoryMaps

Doug and Laura
Doug and Laura

2nd Place: Graduate: John Koban
Project Title: “Guard Your Tongue:” The Chafetz Chaim and the Jewish Rhetoric of Lashon Hara

Doug and John
Doug and John

The second category is the Outstanding Literary Essays Awards at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Debby Thompson presented the awards to six students.

From left to right: Debby Thompson, Davis Webster, Larissa Willkomm, Amanda Nickless, Caitlin Johnson, and Timmi Baldwin

1st Place:  Timmi Baldwin, Gloria Naylor’s Mama Day: A Beyond human Cyborg”  
2nd Place: Caitlin Johnson “Dominance, Submission, and Satisfaction: Margery Kempe…”


1st Place: Davis Webster, Appendix D: Interview with the Author”
2nd Place: Larissa Willkomm, Red Volcanoes, Laughing Monster: Autobiography in Ecriture Feminine”
3rd place: Amanda Nickless, “Olivier’s Hamlet:  The Transformation of Women onto the Big Screen”


Louann Reid wrapped up the event by thanking all the participants, faculty, scholarship committee, donors, and office staff. “I want to recognize especially three people: Sheila Dargon who supported the scholarship committee and arranged this reception, Jill Salahub for taking pictures, and Marnie Leonard for the creative centerpieces.”

Congratulations to all the recipients!