Department of English Graduation

Spring 2020

Greetings from the Department Chair

Celebratory remarks from English Department Chair Louann Reid

To all of our graduating students

Remarks from Graduate Coordinator and Associate Professor Leif Sorensen.

Remarks from Undergraduate Coordinator and Professor Dan Beachy-Quick.

Congratulations, class of 2020!

We now recognize undergraduate and graduate students earning degrees with a listing of each student and remarks from faculty across the Department of English.

Creative Writing

Remarks from Creative Writing Director and Associate Professor Andrew Altschul.

Undergraduates earning degrees in Creative Writing

Morgan Almy

Jacob Avila

Yibei Avila

William Blythe

Caitlyn Buckner Backstrom

Isabel Fabela

Gina Futch

Amy George

Tyler Greear

Renee Haptonstall

Rachel Hawley

Michaela Hayes

Hannah Heath

Aiden Helzer

Adriana Jenkins

Carolina Kronbauer

Charlotte Lang

Holly Lathrop

Alister Matheson

Leta McWilliams

Mark Monroe

Jamie Moss

Robert Orme

Alisa Otte

Margaret Parker

Autumn Redding

Sabrina Robinson

Rachel Serra

Kerriana Tatum

Madeline Trapp

Adam Wagner

MFA graduates with specialization in Creative Writing

Summer 2020

Margaret Browne

Courtney Ellison

Michelle LaCrosse

Susannah Lodge-Rigal

Geneva McCarthy

Danny Schonning

Evan Senie

Michelle Thomas

English Education

Remarks from English Education Director and Professor Cindy O'Donnell-Allen

Undergraduates earning degrees in English Education

Kelsea Altheim

Mikayla Assmus

Anna Austin

Emily Faupel

Celina Gonzales

Devon Gonzales

Olivia Graham

Haley Jacks

Rachel Krieger

Rachel Melton

Ashley Mouw

Brooke Shelton

Sarah Springett

Layla Theriot

Mudita Yajnik

Alexandria Youngren

MA graduate with specialization in English Education

Skye Marsh

Summer 2020

Kristen Brooks

Alexis Nulsen

TEFL/TESL and Language Concentration

A greeting from the faculty

Congratulations on completing challenging programs (MA, MAs, Graduate Certificate) from the TEFL/TESL and Language faculty: Tony Becker, Gerry Delahunty, Luciana Marques, and Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker.

We have learned from you as you have learned from us. You have enriched our programs with your diversity, intelligence, energy, comraderie, and commitment to your studies and the English and other language teaching professions.

Your have completed a challenging program and are well prepared for the next stages of your professional lives. We trust that you will use what you have learned to give of your best to your students, your colleagues, and the institutions in which you work.

We realize that many of you will go abroad - some returning home, others finding employment in countries around the globe, others going on to higher degrees (Raed Alzahrani to Manoa for a PhD; Ying Huang for an MA in Boston), others to take up

teaching positions (Jessy Knaus at Aims Community College), another getting married (Congratulations, Jess!!), and at least one other taking a respite from study for a year (YingYing). We hope you will be ambassadors of good will, giving generously of your knowledge, and representing the best of your native and second cultures, and of the CSU English Department, which "is a great place to study" (Xiaofu Wang).

We hope not only that you have learned much of value here, but that you also had joyful experiences and that you will build your personal and professional lives on these. The comments you have sent us suggest that you have: "I met wonderful people and made great friends along the way" (Leah Franke); "I had a great time at CSU in the last two years"(Ying Huang).

We hope, too, that you will keep in touch with us and tell us of your challenges and triumphs, and with fellow graduates via whatever media possible!

Undergraduates earning degrees in Language

Zahra Albajhan

Ying Huang

YingYing Liang

Madeline Strah

Jingying Ye

MA graduates with specialization in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language, TEFL/TESL

Raed Alzahrani

Leah Franke

Yipeng Wu

Eryth Zecher

Zhihan Zhao

Summer 2020

Chilton Smith

Xiaofu Wang

Dual MA graduate with specializations in French and in Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language, TEFL/TESL

Eryth Zecher

Certificate recipients for TESOL Education

Jess Egnatovitch - with MA in Spanish

Jessy Knaus

Maile Okamoto


Remarks from Literature Concentration Director and Professor Barbara Sebek

Barbara Sebek

  • Professor

Greetings, English graduates. On behalf of all of the literature faculty, we wish you all the best as you enter this next phase. We encourage you to carry the same curiosity and thoughtfulness that you brought to the study of literary texts with you to your own lives and future pursuits. Warmest congratulations!

Undergraduates earning degrees in Literature

Sara Baheta

Timothy Bates

Ann Dunn

Jack Gibbs

Ryan Lueck

Kenia Ortiz

Emily Poelman

Shannon Rego

Noah Sisson

Andrew Sutcliffe

Jesse Welch

MA graduates with specialization in Literature

Jennifer Albright

Matthew Gorman

Hope Harbert

Madison Hopkins

Caitlin Johnson

Brooks Mitchell

Leanndra Padgett

Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy or Social Change

Remarks from Assistant Professor Timothy Amidon

Undergraduates earning degrees in Writing, Rhetoric and Literacy

Sebastien Basson

Kayla Cartellone

Cailin Dendas

Maximos Hunter

Lauren Mangus

Sarah Mays

Morgan Reddick

Noah Ruiz

Brittany Stevenson

Anna Stewart

MA graduate with specialization in Writing, Rhetoric, and Social Change

Summer 2020

Jennifer Anderson

Roland Dumavor

Matthew Getty

Matthew Klingstedt

Jennifer Rojas

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