From Jill Salahub, English Department Communications Coordinator: I am so happy to introduce the English Department’s Communications Interns for Fall 2017 —  Michaela Hayes and Katie Haggstrom, (who was also with us last semester and over the summer, and is so great we asked her to stay on). Just like the position description states, they are creative and enthusiastic CSU students with good communication and writing skills who are super excited to help us tell the story of the English Department. We’ve had our first official meeting, and there’s lots of good stuff coming your way! If you have any ideas of what they should be writing about, events they should be attending, people they should profile, etc., please send those suggestions my way.



From Michaela Hayes: 

Hi! I’m Michaela and I’m beyond excited to be an intern for the English department this semester. I’m a transfer student from the University of Kansas and one of the main selling points of CSU for me was the English department. One step in Eddy and I was in love. Feel free to chat with me at any time about books and such- I’m always up for new recommendations. Some of my favorite authors are Daphne du Maurier, Tim O’Brien, James Baldwin, Jeffrey Eugenides, Joy Fielding, and I could talk about about Sylvia Plath for days. I’m looking forward to going to English department events and readings this semester and adding to my list of favorites.








From Katie Haggstrom:

My name is Katie and this will be my second year interning for the English department! I’m constantly amazed by how much our students, faculty and staff do, both during the summer and the school year. I’m starting my second year in the MA English, Literature program, and I also work in the Writing Center as a consultant. I spend most of my time running around Eddy, so if you see me please say hi (and you might become the next feature for our Humans of Eddy). Outside the English department, I work with ASCSU as the graduate senator, helping to bridge the gap between grad and undergrad students. I’m excited to get started and hope to see some of you around Eddy!