“How Santa Claus Came To Zone Whisky Alpha Romeo”, a play by Jean Yeager will be produced by Lucky Penny productions and Napa Valley Playhouse in Napa, CA as part of their “8 x 10 Holiday: A Festival of 10 Minute Plays” each Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 6 – 22, 2013. The play is getting some “legs” because it was selected last autumn as a semi-finalist in a New York city theater competition where there were 300 submissions.

The play is about two U.S soldiers spending Christmas Eve encamped in a mid-east combat zone and one of them decides to risk life and limb to make Santa happen for a young Muslim boy. On the return he is shot. He makes it back due to the intervention of the spiritual world. But, does he survive?

Jean Yeager, BA English Lit. 1970, lives in VT.