(left to right): Sandra Eddy (Willard O. Eddy’s daughter), Ann Gill (CLA Dean), John Didier (interim Chair of Philosophy), Irene Vernon (Chair of Ethnic Studies), Bruce Ronda (CLA Associate Dean), Tony Frank (President of Colorado State University and Chancellor of the CSU System), Christina Sutton (Senior Teaching appointment faculty member in the English Department), and Louann Reid (Chair of English)

Associate Dean for Faculty & Graduate Studies and former English Department Chair, and CLA Project Manager Bruce Ronda gave the opening remarks at the Eddy Hall Grand Reopening event that took place on August 19, 2015. What the video missed was the very beginning of his speech, which started with this:

Good afternoon and welcome to the official re-opening of Eddy Hall. I’m Bruce Ronda, Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts.

We are calling our event “Eddy Hall: Home Again.” By that we mean several things: home again for the faculty, staff, and students who were displaced from the building from May 2014 to May 2015; home again for the hundreds of former faculty and staff, some of whom have joined us here, who spent many years of their professional lives working in this building; home again to the building itself, kept together by patchwork and hard work since 1963, scarred by flood in 1997, then surrounded by fences, torn down, dug up, hammered on, and now emergent as an old and honored building made new, ready for the present and the future.

After his opening remarks, Dr. Ronda introduced the next speaker: “I’m delighted to introduce Christina Sutton, Senior Teaching appointment faculty member in the English Department. Christina was a graduate student here in the late 1980s, and returned to the department to teach in 1992, where she has been ever since, teaching courses in humanities, western American literature, and mostly in composition. Christina brings a unique perspective to life in Eddy Hall.”

Next up was College of Liberal Arts Dean Ann Gill.

And next, President of Colorado State University and Chancellor of the CSU System, Tony Frank.

And finally, the ribbon cutting.

The grand re-opening of Eddy Hall was a wonderful event, with opening remarks before the ribbon cutting given by Bruce Ronda, Christina Sutton, Ann Gill, and Tony Frank. There was even a band! A special thanks to Stephanie G’Schwind (Director, Center for Literary Publishing) and the new English department camera for the great pictures, which you can see on our Facebook page.

A note on video quality: Communications Coordinator Jill Salahub apologizes for her unsteady hand and the windy day.