Kristina Quynn radiates positivity, especially when discussing CSU Writes, a program that facilitates scholarly writing productivity for faculty and graduate students.

Quynn, founding director of CSU Writes, put together a grant proposal several years ago hoping to organize a writing group program, which then grew when she thought writing group members might also benefit from workshops, writing retreats, drop-in writing sessions and guest speakers. Quynn used programs at Duke, Stanford, UNC-Chapel Hill and others as models and then built on it from there. Its range of offerings are diverse, just as scholarly writers’ needs are diverse.

Kristina Quynn, Director, CSU Writes
Kristina Quynn, director of CSU Writes.

CSU Writes started in fall 2015 with a grant from the Ripple Effect, which is now The Women and Gender Collaborative.

“I originally thought we would work with about 20 to 50 writers,” said Quynn. “We ended up working with 277 writers and realized how great the interest was in a program like this.”

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