Seeking ways to reinvigorate the conversation between the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences, from July 22-24 we’ll be holding a symposium at Colorado State University. Organized by CSU professor Dan Beachy-Quick and made possible with funds from the Monfort Professorship generously awarded to Beachy-Quick, the symposium will focus on bringing together artists, writers, scientists, and scholars from multiple fields, not simply to present ideas already formed, but to gather together and consider new approaches to dealing with today’s most pressing difficulties.

Of the symposium, Dan Beachy-Quick says, “Our hope is to re-integrate the Arts into the largest concerns facing us today, from ecological disaster to social injustice, holding to the old belief that in the arts we have the longest, most comprehensive record of what is to be human and face situations where our humanity is threatened—often by our own hands. We’re concerned with the ways in which creativity, be it in words or in making, experiment in lab or on page, are required to have an open, honest, attentive engagement with the world.” In a recent interview, he also had this to say about the symposium.

Guests invited from across the country will assemble in Fort Collins to study and collaborate with esteemed poet and activist Brenda Hillman, visionary artist Michael Swaine, and CSU’s own and pre-eminent environmental scientist Diana Wall. Morning sessions, guided by Hillman, Swaine, and Wall, will give way in the afternoon and evening to events open to the public. Each afternoon will feature a “maker’s space” in which invited participants and interested community members will have the chance to collaborate on a variety of projects addressing the driving concerns of the symposium: crisis and creativity. Evening events include a reading from Brenda Hillman and a panel discussion, moderated by Dan Beachy-Quick, with the three featured guests.


Events Open to the Public (all events on CSU campus):

Wednesday July 22

  • Maker’s Space Collaboration, Ceramics Studio, Art Building (2:30-5:00)
  • Brenda Hillman Reading, Morgan Library, Courtyard (7:30-9:00)

Thursday July 23

  • Maker’s Space Collaboration, Art Building (2:30-5:00)

Friday July 24

  • Panel Discussion, University Center for the Arts, Organ Recital Room (7:30-9:00)


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