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Through collaboration and community, shared stories and shared experiences, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) supports teachers and their students in classrooms, on college campuses, and in online learning environments. Come join and further your development as a professional educator!

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The Colorado Language Arts Society is Colorado’s state affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of English. Fondly known as CLAS, this organization serves to support Colorado’s educators in English studies, Literacy, and Language Arts.

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A non-profit 501(c)3 organization that supports English language teachers in Colorado, CoTESOL brings together a dynamic group of educators each fall who are involved in the many different aspects of language learning and bilingual education.

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Why go to NCTE as a preservice teacher?

Assistant Professor Naitnaphit Limlamai breaks down the value of this annual professional development experience.


  • You get to connect and nerd out with teachers from all over the country—from different schools settings and contexts—about teaching English! This is especially important, I think, if you're the only one like you in your home setting. So maybe you're the only person who teaches a particular class, or the only person of color or hold another marginalized intersectional socialized identity—at NCTE you can find likeminded folx who want to talk about teaching with you! 


  • You get to hear ideas from teachers who teach in different contexts and settings. You might be asking the same questions they are, and can hear about how they are navigating the concerns you both have!
  • You get book recs and can meet authors and publishers!


  • Each year NCTE is hosted in a different city, so you get to explore the food and sights of a place you might have never been to or wasn't even on your radar to visit!

NCTE 2023 Conexiones

The annual conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio from November 16-19. Learn more about NCTE's full lineup of professional development events here.


Graduate Students Present Research at NCTE 2022

For students thinking about attending NCTE's annual conference, Zero Marshall and Danielle Parker both agreed: It’s beyond worth it. Not only for the experience to share research and receive insightful feedback, but also for the jolt of motivation it can provide in the middle of a hectic semester.  

Student Experience

The entire experience [of NCTE] was so rejuvenating for me. It was a packed day. Every day. But it was so amazing to just sit and absorb. I came back feeling very thankful that I got to start sharing my research and I had the opportunity to share it in a space that felt so supportive.


Danielle Parker
Second-year English Education graduate student

It’s great because you can kind of pick a topic that you want to focus on and build your NCTE conference experience around that theme. Like, I was able to attend several panels that focused on indigenous education, and indigenizing practices and indigenous representations in literature.


Zero Marshall
First-year English Education graduate student

NCTE announces a new Intellectual Freedom Fellowship

The Intellectual Freedom Fellowship is designed to fund research, at any stage, on censorship in K–12 English language arts classrooms. In addition to engaging in research, the Fellows will participate in public communications and advocacy with NCTE to share the unfolding research and its implications for teachers and students in K–12 English language arts classrooms via multiple communication channels.

2022 NCTE Intellectual Freedom Fellowship - FB

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