• Role:

  • Position:

    • Professor
    • Director of University Composition Program
    • Director of Community Literacy Center
  • Concentration:

    • Composition and Literacy Studies
  • Department:

    • English and University Composition Program
  • Education:

    • Ph.D.
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Professor. B.A., English Education, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point; M.A., English (Creative Writing), University of Illinois at Chicago; Ph.D., Composition and Cultural Rhetoric (Composition and Literacy Studies), Syracuse University.
A specialist in community literacy studies, Professor Jacobi teaches courses in argument, public writing, composition theory, feminist theory and methodology, critical pedagogy, and literacy theory. She is the director of the Community Literacy Center in the Department of English at Colorado State University.  Her recent research focuses on understanding the complexities of moving adult literacy beyond the GED, the ethics of community-university relationships, and incarcerated women writers as activists. In addition to coediting two special issues of Reflections: A Journal for Writing, Service Learning, and Community Literacy on prison literacy and writing (2004 and 2019), she has published essays on prison writing, community service learning and activism in the writing classroom, and the ethics of university-community collaborations in journals such as English Journal, Community Literacy Journal, and The Journal of Correctional Education. Her co-edited book Women, Writing, and Prison came out in 2014, and she is currently working on a collaborative literacy remix project that blends contemporary pedagogy with archival prison texts.



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