Associate Professor of English Education



Associate Professor, English Education. B.S. and M.A, English Education, University of Connecticut; Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Connecticut.

Dr. Ricki Ginsberg teaches courses in reading and writing pedagogies, teaching and research methods, and young adult literature. Her research interests focus on educational equity, particularly centered on 1) reimagining literacy practices to be grounded in local communities and focused on activism, 2) supporting teachers with book censorship and intellectual freedom, and 3) recruiting and retaining Indigenous teachers and teachers of color. She is Co-Chair of English Education with a focus on the undergraduate program.

Dr. Ginsberg is a former president of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English (ALAN), Director of the Black, Indigenous, and Teachers of Color (BIToC) Collective at Colorado State University, Co-Chair of the Native American Advisory Council to the president, a faculty affiliate for the Race and Intersectional Studies for Educational Equity (RISE) Center, and a former editor of The ALAN Review. Her work has been published in journals like American Indian Quarterly, College Teaching, English Journal, Journal of Human Rights, Multicultural Perspectives, Reading Research Quarterly, Research in the Teaching of English, and Teachers College Record. 



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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

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Book Reviews:

Ginsberg, R. (2017). Review of Human Rights in Children’s Literature: Imagination and the Narrative of Law by Jonathan Todres and Sarah Higinbotham. Journal of Human Rights17(2), 283-287.

Other Publications

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