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Greetings from the Department Chair

Louann Reid

  • Professor and Department Chair

Hello, and welcome to this digital celebration of student success. The awards ceremony is one of my favorite events of the year because we can publicly recognize student accomplishments and donor support. This year we are together apart. Just as in other years, though, when we could be together in person, I encourage you to pick up an appetizer or snack and a glass of lemonade or iced tea. Relax and enjoy the talent, achievements, and promise of the students in our community.

English undergraduates and graduates hold a total of 103 university and departmental scholarships and six literary awards for the 2021-2022 academic year. As a further testament to the strength of this student cohort, the English department has also selected 10 winners of the Creative and Performing Arts Awards.

This page serves as a virtual stage for recognizing their achievements.

I'd like to extend special thanks to the Scholarship Committee: Tony Becker, Christine Discoe, Kristie Yelinek, and Matthew Cooperman. Thank you to Sheila Dargon, who provided substantial support to that committee and helped arrange this celebration.  Thank you also to Brennen Kaylor, who helped design this page to bring us all together in one place. I would also like to thank those who donated to any department scholarship in the past year. We appreciate the difference you make in the educational experiences of our students.

And thank you to the friends and families of our award winners who join us in this digital space and who have supported their studies over the years.

Welcome to all,

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Louann Reid
English Department Chair

Graduate Distinctions

English graduate students can earn recognition for excellence on a final project, portfolio of work, or thesis.


Brianna O'Shea

Recognized for distinction of Literature Project

Katherine Smith pic 1

Katherine Smith

Recognized for distinction of Literature Project

Thomas Viney

Thomas Viney

Recognized for distinction of TEFL/TESL portfolio

Undergraduate: Creative & Performing Arts Scholarship Awards in Creative Writing


Casey Forest

Casey Forest

“The Senior Ocean Project”



Charlotte Suttee

“Choke Cherry”


Matt Campbell



Kevin Cole

"Rough Shot"

Creative Nonfiction


Emerald Rawls

“Certificate for Indian Blood”


Alecia Seward

"An Algorithm for Pain"



Paisley Green

“"molting months", "home", "Carcass"


Kobe Overby

"Asking for a Friend, " William," "Ode to the Sylvian Separphim," and “Proses”


Joshua Kellogg

““Grave Digging”, “Dumb Beasts”, and “Visitation”


Charlotte Suttee

"Smooth" and "A Saturday Afternoon”

Department Scholarships and Fellowships

Recipients of department scholarships and fellowships receive a certificate, inscription on the departmental perpetual plaque, and scholarship or fellowship funding. Current students select a faculty member to say a few words about them and to present the award. The following students received scholarships for 21-22.


Yong Woon Lee Scholarship

The Yong Woon Lee Scholarship is awarded to a new or returning student in the MFA program. An alumnus of the MFA program endowed this scholarship to support students and to enhance the national profile of the program. The recipient for this year is Sara Hughes, who will join us in the fall.


The Smith-Schamberger Literature Fellowship

The Smith-Schamberger Literature Fellowship is given to a new or returning full-or part-time graduate student in the MA literature program. The recipient is Trenna Cox who will join us in the fall.


Schwartz Hammond Fellowship in Creative Writing

This fellowship is awarded to an incoming or currently enrolled graduate student in the Creative Writing MFA program. Funded annually by an emeritus faculty member and his family, it is a merit fellowship based on the quality of the application and portfolio. This year’s recipient is Marcela Pajares-Berger, who will join us in the fall.


The Diane Keating Woodcox and Larry G. Woodcox Scholarship

Endowed by an alumna of the English department, this scholarship is awarded to a full-time junior or senior undergraduate major with an overall minimum 2.5 GPA. The student must have held gainful employment or have participated in a paid or unpaid internship and exhibit exceptional focus and determination as a student. Preference is given to a graduate of a Colorado high school. This year’s recipient is Sarahy Quintana Trejo.


The O’Connor-Miller Scholarship

This annual scholarship is given by an alumna of the English department and parent of a former CSU student who studied electrical engineering, computer science, and string bass performance. The recipient of this award must be a full-time graduate or undergraduate student, or a part-time graduate or undergraduate enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts in the Department of English. The recipient is Madison Watson.


The Donna Weyrick Memorial Scholarship

The Donna Weyrick Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Donna Weyrick, a 1962 graduate of the Department of English.  This endowed scholarship for undergraduates is made possible by contributions from the Weyrick family and friends. This year’s recipient is Hannah Prinzi.


The Community Engagement Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate or graduate students who are majoring in English with a demonstrated interest in community service activities. It was established by Pattie Cowell, former chair of the English department and of the Women’s Studies Interdisciplinary Program, and her partner Sheryl Pomering, whose career included education and counseling for children and women in Fort Collins and Larimer County. This year’s recipient is Taylor Monteau.

English Department Legacy Scholarship

This annual scholarship prioritizes support for  high-performing undergraduate and graduate students to finish their degree.


Megan Salazar


Josh Navarro


Vincent Brown


Dakota Marin


The TEFL/TESL Scholarship

Funded by the INTO CSU English Language Program, the TEFL/TESL Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in the TEFL/TESL graduate program. The recipient is Sarah Howard.  She will be joining us in the fall.


The Cross-Cultural Understanding Scholarship

The Cross-Cultural Understanding Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding graduate student who has demonstrated a commitment to international/cross-cultural issues and education. The recipient is Elise Levine.


The James J. Garvey Graduate English Language Scholarship

This award is given in memory of Professor James Garvey. It is presented annually to a graduate student in their second semester or beyond in the TEFL/TESL graduate program, or a student in the Rhetoric and Composition or English Education graduate programs. The recipient must have shown a strong interest in advanced language study. Recipients of this award may be first-generation students. The recipient is Lauren Grande.


The Judith A. Dean Memorial English  Scholarship

The Judith A. Dean Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of Judith A. Dean, a graduate in the master’s program in the Department of English, and prominent professional in the English teaching field and the organizations that support it.  Judith Dean earned an MAT at Colorado State in 1978 and taught at high schools in Colorado, Idaho, and New Mexico.  She served two terms as President of the Colorado Language Arts Society, and several years on the Society’s executive committee—strong measures of her prominence in public education in Colorado. The recipient is  Kobe Overby.


The Ann Osborn Zimdahl Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in memory of Ann Osborn Zimdahl, a 1981 graduate of the CSU MA TEFL/TESL program.  Ann taught in the Intensive English Program and contributed to the international community of the university and Fort Collins.  Her career also extended overseas where she held several different teaching appointments.  Ann was strongly committed to cross-cultural understanding and enthusiastically shared her love of new cultures with her students both here and abroad.


The first award is for an outstanding graduate student in the TEFL/TESL program who is committed to international education and language teaching in support of the second year of study. The first recipient is Sarah Howard. She will join us in the fall.


The second award is given to an outstanding graduate student in any program in English. The second recipient is Eliana Meyer.

The Karyn L. Evans Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students in memory of Karyn L. Evans, an alumna of the English department, and is created through a gift from her estate. The recipients are Justin Frigault, Karissa Bohme, and A'reanna West and Jake Butts who will join us in the fall.


Department Awards

 The Outstanding Literary Essays Awards

These awards, selected by the English department's Literature program, recognize outstanding critical writing and interpretive work in literary studies. Applicants must be registered graduate or undergraduate English majors or minors.



1st Place — Natalia Sperry

Essay Title: “And I'll Write Your Name:' Performance, Sincerity, & Satire in the Lyrics of the Trobairitz & Taylor Swift."


2nd Place — Jesse Schaub

Essay Title: "Psycho Analysis: A Freudian Reading of The Shining"


3rd Place — Claire Homan

Essay Title: “ 'Whore' and 'Man': The Devastating Duality of Nyasha in Nervous Conditions"



1st Place — Alick McCallum

Essay Title: "Then is Now': Buntin, mason, and remembering Northumbria's past"


2nd Place — Katherine Smith

Essay Title: “Uneasy Body: Mortality, Chivalry, and the Natural World in The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dam Ragnelle"


3rd Place — Carolyn Janecek

Essay Title:  "The Endless Pleasure of Illegible Gender: Colley Cibber's Famous Fop Reimagined in Dorian Electra's Flamboyant"

Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts Awards

Robin Walter

Robin Walter

Robin Walter was a recipient of The Academy of American Poets Prize for her poem "What grammar for prayer."