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Personal Pursuits

Our alumni find themselves in exciting professional and personal pursuits. They publish and win awards; they become Fulbright Scholars and travel; they research and study in prestigious Ph.D. programs; they find successful work as professors, editors, authors, literary agents, copywriters, and teachers.

CSU English Department Alumni prove that a BA, MA, or MFA in English opens doors to professions that not only provide material and professional success, but also intellectual satisfaction and cultural engagement.

In addition to finding success in traditionally “English” paths, our alumni serve as CEOs, create tech start-ups, lead non-profit organizations, become lawyers, devise communication and training for government programs, coordinate medical programing, and rise through the ranks of Fortune 500 companies.


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English Alumni: Beyond CSU

The stories below provide a glimpse of the broad array of exciting and impactful endeavors undertaken by CSU English alumni across the globe. The interdisciplinary scholarship and creative artistry developed by English educations are instrumental in bolstering these important initiatives.

Frank, former CSU English student

Former student Frank says ‘hi’ from New York

By | February 27, 2020

Hi guys! My name is Frank. I am from China and studied English with a language concentration at CSU. I graduated in 2019 and I am a graduate student in Applied Linguistics at Columbia University right now. Greetings from NYC! Go Rams!

English 80 Placeholder image

Connie Johnson Shoemaker (BA English 1956, MA in English 1961) – Willard O. Eddy was my mentor

By | February 18, 2020

I graduated with a B.A. in English in 1956 and an M.A. in English in 1961. My philosophy mentor and life coach was Dr. Willard O. Eddy…

Robert King (MA 1961)

Robert King (MA 1961) – Remembering a mentor

By | February 18, 2020

I can still name many of the professors at that time but the one I would like to mention was Dr. Aurelia Harlan, a figure both friendly and imposing.

Dianne Harper (Class of 1964)

Dianne Harper (Class of 1964) – Diagramming and poetry drills

By | February 18, 2020

When I was an undergrad in English education, one of the required courses was a quarter class of diagramming.  Does that date me or what?…

Barbara Stimmel Fleming

Barbara Stimmel Fleming (BA English 1967, MA Rhetoric 1970) – A father and a teacher

By | February 18, 2020

My father, Les Stimmel, taught at Colorado A&M/Colorado State University from 1929 when he moved to Fort Collins until 1967…

Doris Goldsmith Melnick (Class of 1968)

Doris Goldsmith Melnick (Class of 1968) – Remembering Dr. Robert Zoellner

By | February 18, 2020

The memory I will always remember is one of Dr. Robert Zoellner. I took many classes from him as an English major and there must have been one in my senior year…

     English Alum? Share Your Story

When stories about our alumni hit the news or our inbox, we love to share them. Teachers, staff, and fellow alumni are excited to learn about how our friends are doing. Current students appreciate examples of English alumni making a life and making a difference. At the same time, information about English offerings and degree opportunities encourages prospective students to engage, and stories of your impact and success illustrate the true value of English education.

Career Exploration

Qualified English undergraduate and graduate students are offered for-credit opportunities to explore possible career paths before graduation. The English Department boasts an excellent array of rigorous, professional, and intriguing internships. Internship areas include – but are by no means limited to – supervised college teaching; community literacy; teaching English as second/foreign language; editing and publishing; grant-writing and research; online course development and editing; and public education.