The Language Concentration builds on Department strengths in linguistics and TESL/TEFL, as well as in Literature, Writing, and Education. It is designed for students interested in all aspects of language and linguistics, from studies of grammar and syntax to the origins and development of the English language, to studies of second-language acquisition and teaching. The Language concentration offers students the opportunity to study:

  • Key aspects of language, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and discourse patterns
  • The history of English and earlier forms of the language (Chaucer and Shakespeare)
  • The relationships between linguistic variation and social and cultural variation
  • Theories and practices in linguistics and second-language learning and teaching
  • Two foreign languages

Required Courses

In addition to the common requirements for the English major, students pursuing the Language Concentration take the following courses:

  • E320 Introduction to the Study of Language
  • E326 Development of the English Language
  • E327 Syntax and Semantics
  • E328 Phonology, Morphology, and Lexis
  • E329 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
  • E342 Shakespeare I or E343 Shakespeare II
  • E460 Chaucer

Additional Requirements

  • Three upper division courses in Language and Composition
  • Two further upper division elective courses in English or Composition
  • Four semesters of university level study of one language
  • Two semesters of university level study of one further language


Language Advising Check Sheet [pdf]
AUCC Core Requirements Sheet [pdf]