English Education

The English Education Concentration provides students with preparation for teaching in secondary schools. It is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in teaching English language arts and offers a range of courses in Language, Literature, Writing, and teaching English. Students may receive an endorsement from the State of Colorado in teaching English, 6–12.

Faculty Education and Research Bios

Required Courses

In addition to the common core requirements for the English major, students pursuing English Education take the following courses in the major:

  • Lower or Upper Division Elective
  • E322 English Language for Teachers I
  • E401 Teaching Reading
  • E402 Teaching Composition
  • E405 Adolescents’ Literature
  • E342 Shakespeare I or E343 Shakespeare II
  • Category 1 Literature Electives: Literatures of the British Isles before 1830, or American or European Literatures before 1900
  • Category 2 Literature Electives: Literatures of the British Isles after 1830, or American or European Literatures after 1900
  • Category 3 Literature Electives: Ideological, Racial, Cultural, Gendered, or Category 4 Literature Electives: Genre Approaches
  • Open Electives: Two courses in Language, Literature, or Composition

Note: One Category 1, 2, 3/4, or open elective must be a capstone course (E460 Chaucer, E463 Milton, E 465 Variable Topics in Literature or Language, or E470 Individual Author). One upper division elective must be a World Literature course.

English Education Advising Check Sheet [pdf]
AUCC Core Requirements Sheet [pdf]

Please check the Advising Information page for more information on the senior survey and portfolio as well as other items that are relevant to all English majors.

Four-Year Graduation Plan [pdf]
Checklist for Advisors [pdf]