Sure Success Stories

SURE Grant Recipients

Tiffany Daigle, Fall 2018 Portrait of Tiffany Daigle

With Professor Gerald Delahunty, Tiffany Daigle used her SURE grant funding to perform research on “Patterns of Citing Sources in Academic Papers: A Comparative Analysis of the Reporting Devices Used by English Language Learners and Native English Speakers.” After spending hundreds of hours on the project, Tiffany reports that she has “developed skills which will be essential in my graduate studies.”

Preliminary results from their research were shared with the English Department at a brown bag luncheon in Spring 2018, and in Fall 2018, Tiffany shared her conclusions at the CoTESOL Conference in Denver. The editor for the Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching has encouraged Tiffany to submit her work for review, and Tiffany looks forward to pursuing further research as she pursues her masters degree.

SURE Grant Recipients

Seth Bodine, Spring 2018

Under the direction of Guggenheim recipient Dan Beachy-Quick, Seth Bodine used his SURE grant to write poetry in collaboration with artists from a variety of other genres, showcasing these creative partnerships in a performance of his work titled “Crossings: A Multi-Media Poetry Reading.” Sharing his poetry with a standing-room-only crowd at the Wolverine Farm Publick House, Seth read to participants in the thriving Fort Collins art scene as well as friends and supporters from the department. His collaboration with students from CSU’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance attracted press coverage and culminated in the video “Homecoming.”

Working on “Crossings” left Seth with a desire to enroll in an MFA program in multimedia art, an option he explored at the end of the project. He has also embarked on new collaborations with other artists and describes his work as an exploration of “how we build a home through our words with others, in relationships, and in family.” Reflecting on his experience as a SURE recipient, Seth observed, “I feel like the project created more of a community between artists. . . . it sparked a lot of inspiration and hope for future projects.

“Seth embodies to me one of the highest ideals in English and the humanities: seeking out others to join and unfold shared vision.”
–Dan Beachy-Quick