Portrait of Zahra Albajhan
Zahra Albajhan

Zahra Albajhan
English major, Language Concentration

Hello, I am Zahra Albajhan. I am an Arabic student from Saudi Arabia, and majoring in English linguistic studies. Besides college, I am a mom of two kids and my third kid is on the way. My expecting due date is in June (almost).

Zahra Albajhan's cute kids
Zahra Albajhan’s super cute kids

Although I am happy doing my best to succeed with all these responsibilities from college and family, there are difficulties and pains. Here is a day of my life:

Morning: usually, I wake up at 8:00 am. Have my breakfast at home, and then take the bus to school.

M.W.F: my classes start from 11:00 am until 2:50 pm. From 12:00 am to 1:00 pm, I have one-hour break to eat lunch.

T & Th: I just have one class from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm.

I am taking CO-300 writing arguments, E-327 syntax and semantics, LSGN-201 American Sign Language, and Phil-100.

Typically, I study and work on my assignments in Morgan library or in Eddy building from morning until 4:15 pm, then I have to go home because my daughter will arrive from school soon.

Zahra Albajhan's dinner and computer time
Study and lunch time in the Eddy computer lab

Evening: I arrive home around 4:40 pm. I cook dinner, and wait until my husband and my son arrive home at 6 pm. Then we eat together. The time after that is my relaxing free time: I can whether watch T.V, or clean my apartment, or take a short nap, or play with my kids, or spend the time on my phone on WhatsApp or Instagram.

9:30 pm: It is time to be ready to sleep. I take my kids to brush our teeth and go to bed. At 10:00 pm, I go to bed, read a book that is not related to classes for 30 minutes, and then sleep.

This is what the day of a mom plus a linguistic English student looks like. If you have any question, please ask, and I am happy to answer.