The Internship Experience

What Interns are Saying

“This internship was by far the most important thing I’ve done when it comes to my career. For the first time, I was able to experience the day-to-day newsroom environment and what it is like to produce regular content each day, and instead of feeling exhausted, I was inspired, excited and exhilarated. This internship definitely confirmed that this is exactly the kind of work I want to do.”


Ellie Mulder, English Literature Major
Reporting Internship, Colorado Springs Gazette
Colorado Springs, Colorado, Summer 2015

“Overall, I really enjoyed my internship. I enjoyed proofing the articles and learned a lot about tech, startups, and business to business applications that will be advantageous in my future job search. Paired with a European cultural experience and traveling on the weekends, this internship was a great way gain work experience while taking advantage of a wonderful education abroad opportunity.”



Ashley Alfirevic, English Literature and Communications Major
Dublin Globe Editorial Intern
Dublin, Ireland, Summer 2015

“I am not sure if I want to go into marketing, journalism or publishing, but these are my top areas of interest. That is why I have enjoyed this internship—it provided me with entry-level skills and made me realize that I want to keep working in creative environments.

I learned specifically how a promo is made, starting with a concept, then building a script, pulling graphics and video, all the while adhering to a budget. This is also why I enjoyed going to shoots—I got to see the ‘before’ of a commercial, and learn the process of how it gets to the ‘after,’ or the finished product. Overall, I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend it to anyone who is creative, organized, and communicative!”


Taylor Heussner, English Creative Writing Major
USA Network Production Marketing Intern
New York City, Summer 2015

“My primary duty as an intern was nominally working on new museum exhibits; researching the subject matter of the exhibit, browsing the archive databases for related artifacts and multimedia, and composing text panels for the exhibit. However, due to a series of circumstances that resulted in the planned renovation of exhibits being cut back to a single new exhibit, I spent most of my time transcribing old archival material into a digital format.

I learned a lot about reading cursive and the composition of museum exhibits, as well as the general functioning of museums and the proper handling of fragile historical documents. I also learned about compressing information- exhibit text panels have strict length limits.”

Alec Pearson, English Creative Writing Major
Estes Park Museum Curatorial Internship
Estes Park, CO, Summer 2015

“I learned a lot from my internship experience. Most notably, I learned that a career in publishing is much different than what I envisioned before starting. Although it is different, I am not disappointed by it; I wanted to learn about publishing and how it works, and I learned that. I learned that a successful career in publishing will require me to be a jack of all trades, capable of doing a variety of tasks in the workplace. Finally I learned that the publishing world is a tough place to be successful. I eventually want to be an author, and my experience showed me that being an author is incredibly hard work, and getting published is a really spectacular feat.

All of these will hell help me in a future career. I will now be open and prepared to partake in a variety of different tasks to make myself useful to an employer. And if/when I am trying to get published, I know that I will need to have a thick skin and be able to take criticism and work with it.”

Joe LaFond, English Writing Major
Bailiwick Publishing Assistant Internship
Fort Collins, CO, Spring 2013

“Besides learning how to run a soundboard my time there was also spent cutting up audio sound bites from press conferences, live games, and national T.V. events. I got an ear for what constitutes a good sound bite, as well as how to put together a promo that intrigues the audience and is also fair to the material. I also spent time writing and recording updates. This activity let me get practice behind a mike and experience writing and reporting sports related stories.

I’m not certain I want to go into radio as a career but learning how reporters and radio hosts report sports news and put a show together was invaluable experience. I made many contacts that can help me down the road; I just got a new internship through a contact at the station, one that involves more online writing. Since I now have experience behind a mike, as a behind the scenes producer, and as a writer, I should stand out more in a competitive field that is always looking for people to multi-task.”

Zach Marburger, English Literature Major
Lincolon Financial Media/Station KKFN Radio Production Assistant
Denver, CO, Spring 2013

“I consider this internship to be a valuable experience for me because I got to listen to the reflections of thirteen individuals who had lived full lives. I also enjoyed the opportunity to employ creative writing. My goal with each summary I wrote was to capture the essence of the person I had just observed. I found joy in using literary techniques to paint a picture of each person through my words.

One overarching and recurring theme I heard was an emphasis on the quality of life instead of on the success of careers. People seemed to cherish the experiences that change them as people, not their list of accomplishments and awards. This knowledge is important for me to remember in my career as an educator, because my students are much more important than my job. Though I enjoy English for art’s sake, I find it more important to enjoy people for love’s sake.”

Bethany Eagan, English Education Major
CSU Society of Senior Scholars Program Intern
Fort Collins, CO, Fall 2013

“The hour commute to Boulder from Fort Collins was almost a deal-breaker for a non-paid internship, but the simple credentials I began to build with Backpacker Magazine on my resume made all the difference. I did a lot of copy editing, fact checking, background research and interviews for a wide variety of pieces. I built trip itineraries, mapped out hikes, tested gear, and even was involved in some photo shoots. I enjoyed interviewing various experts the most.

I greatly enjoyed my time at Backpacker. The door is open for me to contribute and perhaps even be hired on in the future. I hope this internship will prepare me to continue in my desires to write professionally in the outdoor industry. I love adventure and travel writing, but it’s a difficult world to break into as a college grad…the opportunities this internship has provided makes the journey worth it.”

Ian Bagley, English Creative Writing Major
Backpacker Magazine Editorial Internship
Boulder, CO, Summer 2014