Undergraduate Internship Application Form

UNDERGRADUATE INTERNSHIP (E487A & B) Please provide the information requested below, and be sure to include work experience (both paid and volunteer) and specific courses that indicate your potential and/or expertise. Keep duplicates of all of these materials, and notify Mary Hickey - English Department Internship Coordinator - of any relevant changes. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mary Hickey at Mary.Hickey@colostate.edu or 970.491.3438. Please note that tuition and fees for internship credits will be assessed the same as academic credits.
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  • For example: Creative Writing, Writing, English Education, Language, or Literature
  • Enter overall G.P.A. & G.P.A. in English. If English is not your major, add your major GPA as well.
  • Internship/Job Experience, Interests, and Goals

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