Graduate English Education

In this program, you gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of English language arts. The program offers courses in literature, language, reading, writing, and pedagogy. English Licensure is required before the degree is conferred. Apply by January 15 if you want to be considered for any University fellowship.

Teaching Assistantships are available on a competitive basis. Most assistantships begin in the fall semester. Please apply by January 15 for full consideration.

Faculty Education and Research Bios


  • Completion of Plan A (thirty-two semester credits, including six credits of thesis) or Plan B (thirty-five semester credits, including two credits of final project)
  • Completion of required core courses listed below
  • Completion of a written comprehensive exam — for current status of this requirement, please see your advisor.
  • Oral defense of your thesis or independent study project
  • Teaching licensure
  • View Advising Check Sheet [pdf]
  • For additional details, see Graduate Advising Notes: M.A. Programs


Most students complete their degrees in two years (four to five semesters of course work) if they have a teaching license. Students without a license should plan on an extra two to four semesters, depending on their background. A maximum of nine credits for Plan A or twelve credits for Plan B may be taken outside the English Department.

Core Courses

  • E402 Teaching Composition
  • E600 Research Methods and Theory: Provides an introduction to textual and empirical research methods used in the field of English studies. Students may take either the Rhetoric and Composition section or Literature section, or, with advisor approval, an equivalent research methods course in the School of Education.
  • E632 Professional Concerns in English: Topics will vary from semester to semester. Recent topics include Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age, Visual Texts and Textuality, and Multicultural American Literature in a Democracy.
  • E698 Final Project (two credits) or E699 Thesis (six credits are required; no more than six credits can count toward the degree)