Graduate Program


Welcome to the English Graduate program at Colorado State University.  Our MA and MFA fields of study speak to our core values: academic excellence; a collaborative, creative, and engaged learning environment; and commitment to the professional success of each student. We offer six different graduate programs within the English Department:

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Why pursue an MA or MFA at CSU?

Intellectual Life and Community in the Department:

  • Small programs with individualized attention to our students
  • Nationally and internationally recognized faculty and programs
  • Strong community of scholars and teachers engaged in interdisciplinary work and devoted to supporting graduate education
  • Robust professional development opportunities (hyperlink to Professionalization page) including career support workshops and colloquia, internships, teaching opportunities, and certificate programs
  • Nationally recognized GTA program


Location and Benefits:

  • Natural beauty and climate
  • Cultural centers on campus
  • Vibrant local city committed to fostering active engagement with the arts and humanities through public art, speaker series, first Friday celebrations, social action and poetry slams
  • Full health insurance offered in Fall 2016


Please let me know whether I can offer you any other information on our graduate program. We’d also love to welcome you here in person, for an on-campus visit and introduction to our faculty, students, and classes – so do try to come.

Deborah Thompson
Professor and Graduate Coordinator

For graduate programs information, please contact:
Marnie Leonard
Graduate Programs Assistant

Faculty Testimonials

"I love collaborating with my graduate students on research and curriculum development projects. Collaboration is important in our field, because a lot of projects are interdisciplinary in nature and we, language instructors and researchers, are always branching out trying to integrate new methods and techniques in our practices. Students in our TEFL/TESL graduate program bring very unique teaching and professional experiences and I am constantly learning new perspectives and skills from our collaborations." ~Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker, faculty member


Dr. Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker and TEFL/TESL MA student Angela Sharpe working on a collaborative project

“In 2015, we were the first and only university in the world to receive the highest national rating available – Platinum -- for campus sustainability efforts.  In the classroom and out, we have understood for years that Nature is not simply ‘out there’ -- it's everywhere.”  ~John Caldarazzo, faculty member

Graduate Student Testimonials

“I personally felt like CSU’s program reached out to me instead of vice versa.  I had made connections before I even began the program with both faculty and other students thanks to the English Department’s accepted graduate student day, and it felt like home.  CSU was the clear choice for my graduate education, offering ongoing opportunities for funding smaller endeavors like conference travel, as well as options for funding the degree through internships of all kinds.  I’ve worked harder than I’ve ever worked, and I’ve had the most fun at the same time—I can’t say that about anything else!” ~Joni Hayward, current student

“My experience as a Rhetoric and Composition student at CSU was formative and inspiring, thanks in large part to an amazing 'All-Star Team' of professors. In addition to guiding my academic studies, they made me aware of the critical issues in higher education labor, essentially preparing me to be a socially conscious faculty member and citizen.”  ~Joe Schicke, Full-Time Instructor, Tulsa Community College

"Eight short months into my MFA in Creative Writing, I can say with conviction that I am a radically altered poet and thinker, led by faculty and peers both to new vantages as to new fathoms. My time here affords me a deeply considered, even ethical understanding of the real work of the poem that has moved me out of the sole limits of the written word into the world itself.” ~Kylan Rice, graduate student at CSU

“At CSU, I discovered areas of scholarship I didn’t know existed, areas that inspired my master’s thesis which melds autoethnography and posthumanist theory. The novelty of my work has not only informed some of my curriculum design, it has also resulted in my being invited to present alongside tenure-track professors at national conferences and on panels at program and department functions. I highly recommend the Rhetoric and Composition program because the faculty is truly committed to student success.” ~Christine L. Robinson

“When I started the MFA program, I thought I knew what a poem was, what it should be, how it should be read. My goal was to simply build on that knowledge, to perfect it. The program, however, had different plans. It dug into these assumptions until I knew not what to write, but how to call into that darkness and listen.” ~Kristin George Bagdanov, graduate student at CSU

"One of the things I most value about my time in the MA in Literature program is the sense of community and collaboration that the program offers. Professors and other graduate students are always available to discuss ideas, provide support, or just talk about life. Both students and faculty strive for excellence; however, what is wonderful about CSU's community is that, even as people strive toward personal goals, they seek ways to support others and help them achieve excellence as well." ~Olivia Tracy