Graduate Internship Application Form

APPLICATION FOR GRADUATE INTERNSHIP (E687) Please provide the information requested below, and be sure to include work experience (both paid and volunteer) and specific courses that indicate your potential and/or expertise. Keep duplicates of all of these materials, and notify Mary Hickey - English Department Internship Coordinator - of any relevant changes. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mary Hickey at or 970.491.3438. Please note that tuition and fees for internship credits will be assessed the same as academic credits.
  • Applicant Information

  • For example: M.F.A. in Poetry or Fiction; M.A. in C.D., Rhet-Comp, TESOL, Literature, or English Education
  • First-semester graduate students record undergraduate total G.P.A. and major G.P.A. Other graduate students record graduate G.P.A. only.
  • Internship/Job Experience, Interests, and Goals

  • References & Permission to Share Information