1970: Old Main burns

At 11:58 p.m. on May 8, 1970, a University police officer called in a fire burning at Old Main. The blaze, which started in the basement, soon consumed the 92-year-old structure. Stymied by an inadequate water supply, firefighters were unable to save one of the institution’s first two buildings. The English department’s first home was […]

Going medieval: Love, sex, marriage, gender

CSU professor delves into ‘love language’ of the Middle Ages By Gabe Saldana Lynn Shutters, assistant professor in the Department of English at Colorado State University, closes 2019 on the heels of two important accolades. Formerly a non-tenure-track special assistant professor, Shutters accepted a tenure-track position in fall. She also has received the Thomas Mark […]

Women in the English Department

From the earliest days of the institution that is now Colorado State University, English was taught, and women taught English. Although the first person to teach an English course was its first president, Dr. E. E. Edwards, the first to be hired specifically for that task was Elizabeth G. Bell, in 1885. When she resigned […]