Graduate Student Internship: 2017 Colorado Community Sustainability Workshop

Graduate Student Internship: 2017 Colorado Community Sustainability Workshop

About the workshop:

  • Combines credit in either CO150 OR CO300 AND GES180a3
  • Uses experiential learning methods: students will work in groups and with Fort Collins community partners to research and develop solutions to real-life community issues within the context of sustainability
  • Runs during the second 8-week summer term (June 12-August 4) and meets M-F 1:20-3:30


The intern will:

  • Be directly involved in much of the initial planning phase before the course begins (late May through June 12 when the course begins): project development, lesson plan development, etc.
  • Be a mentor to students in the course for developing problem-solving and communication strategies
  • Work collaboratively with both students and instructors to develop solutions to community sustainability projects
  • Develop and present lesson materials, discussions, workshops, as appropriate and in-line with level of comfort
  • Attend class sessions and stay after class sessions in order help facilitate group work/research as necessary
  • Visit with community partners along with student groups as necessary
  • Discuss and implement experiential learning strategies as projects develop and progress throughout the 8-week course


The intern should:

  • Have a strong interest in and/or experience working with alternative forms of education, such as experiential learning
  • Be passionate about enriching the lives of our students and the Fort Collins community
  • Have an interest in issues of sustainability and communication strategies
  • Be a graduate student (or exceptional junior or senior)

This internship requires 80-100 hours of work (range depends on the needs of the course, particularly at the end as students work to finish their projects) and comes with a $1,000 stipend AND fulfilling teaching and community connections and experiences!

To apply: Please send a brief letter of introduction describing your interest in/experience with any or all of the following: experiential learning, issues of sustainability, and/or developing communication strategies for different audiences.

Letters can be sent to the instructors of the course: Paul Hellmund, SoGES ( and Kristie Yelinek, Department of English (

Please apply on or before: May 23, 2017.